Dixie Banjo Songs

My grandfather's 1970's banjo recordings are now available for listening and download here.

My grandfather, Don Steeves, was a banjo player in Cincinnati. I never saw it, but I heard he played in bands on riverboats in the Ohio River. I did see him play and sing for living room audiences on many family holidays.

In the 1970's, Grandpa made home recordings to share with his sons and their children. I remember playing these cassette tapes at home on our silver and black plastic mono cassette player.

A few years ago my cousin Craig did the hard work of converting all those old tapes to CDs. I ripped the CDs and found or made up names for all the tracks and "albums."

For several years I've had the thought that these ought to be released for anyone to use. This year I finally figured out a hosting strategy using a free Amazon S3 account.

I hope you enjoy Grandpa's banjo playing, singing, and his sense of humor. Please let me know if you do anything special with this music.

Don Steeves

Don Steeves