Arrived London

We've arrived. What a weekend. (What a month, really.) No time to post as I'm headed into my first day at client office. Highlights: * Boys chose not to sleep on flight over. Ouch. * Moved into our flat, everything happened just in time. Nice but pretty bare. * Shops in Crouch End are a LONG walk from the flat. #41 bus, definitely. * No internet in flat sucks! * Tube strike sucks!

Yesterday morning I took a run from the flat up to Alexandra Palace. The grounds are a lovely huge park, a giant hill climb to the palace steps. From there I had the most excellent view of the City and Docklands skyline.

We had a family meal out at our local pizza joint, Mauro's. Mauro himself made Elliot's penne with butter and Parmesan, and played very load happy birthday music for another party. It was the best family time so far.