So quiet, so smooth

Finish LIne Wet Lube

Stopped at Condor Cycles to buy some chain lube. No, I have not lubed my chain since I moved here. Actually, I'm not even sure the last time I lubed it back home. I just took off the chain and packed it up with the bike. I cleaned the chain last weekend, finally, but I had no lube. So today I buy some lube, nice American checkout woman gives me a small rag for free, I go outside, I lube.

And the ride home is spectacular. So quiet, so smooth. Less resistance I'm sure, lots less, so much faster. I sure felt fast, and quiet, and smooth. Couldn't stop humming my zen-like-peace-of-mind fixed gear riding chants...

Enough. Time will tell if Finish Line Wet Lubricant is really far better than Tri-Flow or whatever else, but it sure felt good the first day.