Saturday I attended and really enjoyed the conference [ Fixing the Broken World](, found via [Ben Hammersley's blog](, which I have been reading since 2001 and always contains an interesting (to me) mix of information & observation & personal story. Had a good time hanging out with and learning from people who agree the world is foobar, but unlike me are doing something about it.* [Christian Nold]( makes emotional mpas of places to inform planning decisions. This is far more interesting than it sounds. * I would hire Alex Haw to speak at almost anything. He's an architect turned artist with a brilliantly unorthodox presenting style. He's not too linkable that I could find, but [this installation]( featured in his talk. * Richard Sanford from [futurelab]( spoke about his work at [Beyond Current Horizons]( * People are trying to use the web to solve problems; e.g. [AMEE](, [Bryony Worthington](, [James]( [Smith]( * Wish I'd had a chance to chat with [Ed Scotcher](, as it looks like he's got a similar background to me. * [Adrian Hon]( & Naomi Alderman gave a so-so presentation on the personal and environmental impact of observing a sabbath. Later in the park Naomi answered my questions about how the sabbath rules influence the way Jewish communities develop. And in one of the afternoon sessions I sat next to Adrian and couldn't get over his multi-tasking productivity. * Enjoyed a long chat at the pub with Pix from [Foam](