Eiffel tower
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Elliot and I took a whirlwind one-day tour of Paris yesterday. Here are the highlights.

* 7:15am Eurostar train to Paris. * Glimpse of Sacre Coeur from the train. * Taxi to Eiffel tower held up by a parade of children dressed up as flowers. * Elliot's smile as he posed below the tower. * Delight when we found the grumpy old men in Musee d'Orsay, after touring half the museum looking for them *and* calling Mom for help. * Elliot devouring quiche for lunch and flirting with our table-neighbors. Quiche'll probably never happen again and was only due to incredible hunger after eating nothing all morning but some cereal at home and a large pink milk on the train. * Elliot took a great picture of me on Pont Neuf overlooking the Seine. * The toy department, dome ceiling, and chilling out in the bar at Galleries Lafayette. (Elliot was fascinated that a store would have a bar in it.) * Dinner. No, **dinner**! Chartier made me so happy, and Elliot is such a restaurant champ. No kids menu but he happily ate grown-up salad, trout muniere almandine, and dame blanche. The restaurant was oozing traditional Parisian style, the food was cheap, yummy and French. And we had a great time. * Elliot falling asleep on the Eurostar home, despite every intention not to. * Talking with Mom about the day for 30 minutes before going to bed even though it was 11pm. * Sleeping until 9am, which Elliot and I *never* do, and waking up to find Mom and Quinton already awake, which *never* happens.

It was difficult a couple times. Exhausting as the day went on and we realized we'd walked too much. But wonderful.