Titec H-Bar + Kona Dew

Dew cockpit
Originally uploaded by dansteeves68.

I feel pretty responsible for Craig's relationship with this Kona Dew Deluxe, as I helped him select & purchase it a couple years ago. The result was good for both of us, as he likes the bike and we ride together.

Last year I helped his wife select the Titec H-Bar as a birthday present. This week I finally got around to properly setting up the brake/shifter pods for the new bar. Craig has a smaller Dew, which came with a 70mm stem. When he simply put the h-bar on a year ago, he had to leave the brake/shifter pods way out on the tips of the bar ends because the cables were too short.

Well, I finally got this bike into my garage for a few days. I found a longer 110mm stem in a local shop used bin, and bought some cable stuff. I had a hard time deciding between this setup and the pods on the extension side of the bars which was better for braking. But the shifting was just too awkward out there, so here it is. I like the "jaunty" Rivendell look of the long-ish cables. I maybe could have taken an inch or two off them but there you go.