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I'm not perplexed about this one. Here's an email response I just wrote. > Dear Bud Grant, Minnesota Vikings, and Minnesota Momentum: > > I've been a Vikings supporter and a fan of the NFL for almost my entire 40 years. I appreciate the benefits the team brings to the people, the state, and the businesses of its community. However, I also firmly believe that government has almost no appropriate role to play in financing or otherwise supporting the construction of a gathering place so specifically designed for one private enterprise. I'm annoyed by the actions taken to date for the Wild, Twins, and Gophers. I see it as a major public failing that we've built a new Gopher stadium and not a new **football** stadium to suit both the Gophers and Vikings. > > I'm aware that acting in accordance with my view may likely lead directly to a decision by the Vikings to move the franchise someplace where the local governments are willing to offer incentives. So be it. The fact is that the Twin Cities cannot support all their pro franchises indefinitely at a competitive dollar level when the supply of teams is in controlled scarcity by profitable league monopolies and other governments are willing to lure them away. To compete now for the Vikings simply means we'll be called to compete again and again. > > I'm sure that my MN representative, Steve Simon, whom I've cc'd on this note, understands that fundamentally the Vikings are NOT an appropriate financing priority for scarce public funds. He also understands that many of his constituents will wrongly oust him from his seat if and when the Vikings move. In 2009, I have no choice but to let him know my thoughts, trust his judgement, and hope that he votes & lobbies for zero or minimal government support of yet another new pro sports stadium that the people of Minnesota don't **need**. >

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> Dear Dan: > > As the Vikings push toward an NFC North title and the NFL playoffs, we are asking you to join our team to help secure a new home for Vikings football. > > While the State of Minnesota steps up to face current economic challenges, the Vikings stadium project will deliver thousands of jobs when an economic boost is desperately needed. > > It is our expectation that the Vikings will move forward in 2009 with a discussion at the State Legislature about resolving the stadium issue. With only 30 home games left until the Metrodome lease expires in 2011, we need to rally Vikings fans and supporters to ensure that our voices are heard as state leaders tackle this important issue. > > Please click here to join our team and be part of the stadium solution. Being part of Minnesota Momentum will keep you updated on important stadium developments and let you know how you can help resolve this issue. > > Please visit to find out more. Thank you for your time and consideration, and thank you for joining our team. > > Sincerely, > > Bud Grant > Vikings Hall of Fame Coach > Co-Chair, Minnesota Momentum > > Larry Spooner > Vikings Fan > Co-Chair, Minnesota Momentum