Delta Airlines online doesn't support Mac

Delta and Northwest Airline admits their online checkin doesn't work on a Mac. Pathetic. > From: > Subject: Re: Web_Feedback - Current and Future... > Date: 8 March, 2009 12:31:07 AM CST > ... > > Dear Mr. Steeves, > > Thank you for contacting us concerning your difficulty with our online check-in option. At this time, the problem with printing your boarding card appears to be directly related to the Mac platform. > > Currently, is designed and constructed to be best viewed by a Windows-based, PC platform using Internet Explorer 6.0 (and higher), as well as Netscape 7.2 (and higher) browsers. This was established based on the dominant type of users throughout the industry. We regret that we cannot guarantee service on every computer platform. However, we will regularly review the Mac population of users and respond accordingly. > > We recommend that you take advantage of our airport kiosk location to avoid the ticket counter lines. > > Sincerely, > > Jessica Tribbey > Online Customer Support Desk >