Handsome Devil

Handsome Devil
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Took my new Handsome Devil out for a shakedown cruise this morning in the fresh snow and aging ice fields of Minneapolis. Visited Hurl at CRC & Jesse at Handsome to show off.

Initial ride impression: This bike is smooth. Like my old Falcon. I like it. My track bike was so twitchy, which I realize now was not ideal.

The build was easy as follows:

* Handsome Devil frame and fork via CRC * According to Jesse, I am the first customer to own the Handsome branded seat collar :-D * Origin 8 headset installed at CRC * Shimano UN-53 bottom bracket from old bike (110mm spindle length) * Shimano 105 square taper cranks from eBay * Time ATAC Alium (newer style) pedals from old bike * Surly fixed-fixed hubset, originally 120mm spaced out to 130 (chain line looks good on inside ring) * Nitto Moustache Bar w/ cheap stem from old bike * Brooks B-17 w/ cheap post from old bike * Fenders from my parts bin * Assorted stainless fasteners from my local hardware store. I'm especially pleased with the 5mm long set screws used to plug the shifter boss and fork rack threads.

The build was difficult in two ways:

* The drive side dropout was too tight for the hub axle. It looked slightly squished which may have happened in transit or in my garage. I spaced it out a bit using gentle pressure on a pry bar. * The bottom bracket threads were very clean, but I needed a 5 x 0.8 tap to clean out the threads on all the bosses.