2010 Almanzo 100

Notes from my first century: * about 9 hrs 15 min, averaged 12.5 mph when the bike was moving * 39 x 19 gearing was perfect * why is the best track through the gravel always on the left? * first mistake: using an untested mix in water bottles * second mistake: riding the first 20 miles too hard * at mile 25 I was overheated, dehydrated, and imagining a DNF * guzzled my one bottle of straight water in the next 10 miles and felt much better * drank 3 x 24 oz bottles of plain water over 20 miles from Preston to Forestville * climbs out of Forestville were long walks for me * 183rd Ave, northbound, into the wind will give me nightmares for months to come * on Nature Road I started to have fun and enjoy the scenery * thanks to Mark for the training rides and waiting * thanks to Craig for pics and Surly at the finish * thanks to Chris for a super event