More from "Safety in the Park"

Another email from this group, this time with a position statement that sounds pretty reasonable.

A rail corridor must include, but not be limited to the following:

* 75 feet of right of way on each side of the tracks and no more than one grade level crossing per mile. * Study and approval of ground contamination problems by the EPA. * Crossing arms that cannot be avoided by drivers. * Welded rail. * Bells, not whistles, at intersections. * Berms along the MN&S to reduce sound pollution. * Landscaping to discourage people (especially students) from crossing the tracks. * Sound walls on the BNSF east of the MN&S spur to reduce sound pollution. * Removal of the switching wye in the Elmwood neighborhood * A pedestrian bridge crossing the BNSF tracks to connect the either the Birchwood or Lake Forest neighborhood to the “West End” commercial area.