Mac recovery on the road

My hard drive crashed this week, while I was in Atlanta, one thousand miles away from my Time Machine backup. The Apple Store Genius Bar gave me a fresh OS X install. From there I downloaded 1Password and synced it to the database on my iPhone. Using 1Password and email, I was able to recreate my work environment of Terminal, TextMate, Transmit and VMWare Fusion + Linux without my backup. When I got home I restored the rest of my files from Time Machine. Yes, I know that backing up to the cloud would solve all of this problem. But that's still a bit expensive, and what I did worked fine. I also found a trick to make it a little better.

I now have a Recovery directory that contains the following soft links

  • 1Password.agilekeychain
  • LogicBlox.tmbundle
  • LogicBloxOpenVPN.config.conf
  • Settings.textexpander
  • dot_bash_profile
  • dot_hgrc

One command can copy the link contents to the SD Memory card I carry on most trips.

cp -RL . /Volumes/DAN_512/

Now I don't have to suffer without my syntax highlighting and shortcuts.