Kernel panic

I have found a use case to reliably create a kernel panic in Mac OS X on my early 2010 15" MacBook Pro. By kernel panic, I mean that the end result is the 50% transparent black windowshade of death. I don't love it when my Mac crashes, but I do love the way the windowshade scrolls down from the top of the screen... Step 1: Go to my big company client's office/campus.

Step 2: Connect to their open guest wifi network.

Step 3: Connect to my small company employer's OpenVPN. I use Viscosity and a special profile to route all traffic over it, due to big company's restrictions, e.g. no instant messaging and limited access to their own web-facing Sharepoint!

Step 4: Launch applications (Safari, Mailplane, Skype) and work for a while.

Step 5: Close the lid to sleep the Mac, move to another building (and I expect to another access point on the same guest network).

Step 6: Use some more Safari/Mailplane/Skype, and wait for the windowshade. Don't worry, it will come.

Step 7: Shut down and restart. This is really the best part. After restart, my Mac will probably crash a coupe more times.

Each time, the Console logs show that the last thing happening is a problem in the Airport/Broadcom wireless driver. After 3 instances of this, I went to the Apple Store Genius Bar today, just to make sure I didn't have any hardware problems.

I'm happy to respond with more info if you are part of Broadcom, Apple, OpenVPN, or Viscosity and would like to see if you can fix this bug.