More Ubuntu Linux

Spent some time this weekend working on a clean setup for my everyday laptop, a Dell Inspiron 6000. I hope to move back to full-time Ubuntu, with Windows on VMWare for a few necessities and dual-boot for emergencies. Here's the story * Install Windows XP into 15G partition * Install Ubuntu into 15G / partition * 70G /home partition * Essential programs on Ubuntu (and Windows) * Firefox 2.0 * Thunderbird * Gaim * Skype (use Automatix) * Vim * wifi-radar * Install VMWare * Install Windows XP guest on VMWare * Basics are easy! * Needs networking * Needs file-sharing with Ubuntu host

I purchased a $12 hard drive enclosure so there is no backup-restore step needed. I just plug in the old hard drive and copy files over as needed.

I'm looking forward to completing the switch over Thanksgiving.