My First Meme

Since Matt did it, and I just learned he has a blog, I'll have to do it too. **Four jobs I’ve had:** * KFC Cook * Welding Jigger in a shopping cart factory. As a temp. They pitched me full-time, not believing I was going to college. * Burglar Alarm Siren Tester. My dad was the finance guy for Moose Products. * Telemarketer for college fundraising. Not for my Ga Tech.

**Four movies I can watch over and over:** * Revenge of the Nerds * Top Gun * Ferris Bueller's Day Off * Breakfast Club

**Four places I have lived:** * Phillips, WI, middle of nowhere * Atlanta * St. Albans, suburb of London * Minneapolis, MN, blue state

**Four TV shows I love:** * Battlestar Galactica * Miami Vice * CSI: Miami * Charlie Rose

**Four places I’ve vacationed:** * Spain * Kenya * France * Vail

**Four of my favorite dishes:** * Steak Tartare * Pizza * Pasta * Wine

**Four sites I visit daily:** * Lifehacker * Google News * Cars-R-Coffins * Surly Blog

**Four places I would rather be right now:** * At home with my QED * Working in Atlanta * Anywhere on skis * Anywhere on a bike

**Four people I am tagging:** (sadly they don't blog, but they should) * Molham could write about tech and entrepeneurship * Joel H rides with me * Craig L keeps me thinking * Chad P helps me slow things down