Arrived Istanbul

Note to self: I am a US citizen. US citizens require a $20 visa to enter Turkey. Go to the visa line BEFORE going to the passport line. Have cash, the visa people don't take plastic.

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On a brighter note, this little gem of an appliance is in my hotel room. Sweet!

Almighty Dollar
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Odd stuff in Turkey: This building has a dollar sign on top like a corporate logo. Scary. The highway from Istanbul airport to Maslak district where I'm staying is also odd. Lots of people using the right-of-way as a park, just out sitting on the ground watching the cars scream by. I'll have to ask Emre about that.
UPDATE: Turns out this is the logo for a bank "i" "s" bank, where the "s" is actually an "Åž" which gets pronounced like "sh".