Mac recovery on the road

My hard drive crashed this week, while I was in Atlanta, one thousand miles away from my Time Machine backup. The Apple Store Genius Bar gave me a fresh OS X install. From there I downloaded 1Password and synced it to the database on my iPhone. Using 1Password and email, I was able to recreate my work environment of Terminal, TextMate, Transmit and VMWare Fusion + Linux without my backup. When I got home I restored the rest of my files from Time Machine. Yes, I know that backing up to the cloud would solve all of this problem. But that's still a bit expensive, and what I did worked fine. I also found a trick to make it a little better.

I now have a Recovery directory that contains the following soft links

  • 1Password.agilekeychain
  • LogicBlox.tmbundle
  • LogicBloxOpenVPN.config.conf
  • Settings.textexpander
  • dot_bash_profile
  • dot_hgrc

One command can copy the link contents to the SD Memory card I carry on most trips.

cp -RL . /Volumes/DAN_512/

Now I don't have to suffer without my syntax highlighting and shortcuts.

More from "Safety in the Park"

Another email from this group, this time with a position statement that sounds pretty reasonable.

A rail corridor must include, but not be limited to the following:

* 75 feet of right of way on each side of the tracks and no more than one grade level crossing per mile. * Study and approval of ground contamination problems by the EPA. * Crossing arms that cannot be avoided by drivers. * Welded rail. * Bells, not whistles, at intersections. * Berms along the MN&S to reduce sound pollution. * Landscaping to discourage people (especially students) from crossing the tracks. * Sound walls on the BNSF east of the MN&S spur to reduce sound pollution. * Removal of the switching wye in the Elmwood neighborhood * A pedestrian bridge crossing the BNSF tracks to connect the either the Birchwood or Lake Forest neighborhood to the “West End” commercial area.

SW Light Rail & St. Louis Park, MN

I received this email via my neighborhood association today. Not sure how I think about it yet.

From: [] Sent: Friday, June 11, 2010 8:22 AM To: SLP Neighborhood Associations Subject: Safety in the Park


As you may have heard there are big potential changes coming to the heart of St. Louis Park. These changes involve the proposed re-routing of heavy freight rail traffic from the east/west Canadian Pacific tracks along Highway 7 to the North/South MN&S tracks that run past St. Louis Park High School and Methodist Hospital.

A grass-roots multi-neighborhood organization called Safety in the Park has been established to ensure the safety, livability and property values of residents in St. Louis Park. Leaders of Safety in the Park have participated in every study, consultancy, meeting, dialogue and task force on this issue for the last 10 years. We are currently working with Hennepin County, the City of St. Louis Park and the State of Minnesota on solutions. We are well informed and well organized. We are not opposed to light rail.

Safety is our greatest goal. To achieve this goal we are encouraging Hennepin County to reevaluate the freight-rail corridor options when planning for the displacement of freight-rail traffic currently running on the Kenilworth corridor. If the Kenilworth corridor is deemed unworkable, we respectfully demand that the MN&S spur-line route, which runs north/south through St. Louis Park, be upgraded to create a rail corridor on par with the Kenilworth and 29th Street corridors.

If we are unsuccessful in changing the plans of Hennepin County and unsuccessful in getting the mitigation needed, the entire face of St. Louis Park will change. The trains that currently parallel to Highway 7 with two grade level crossings will go through the heart of St. Louis Park on the MN&S spur, mostly on tracks that are within a few feet of resident backyards and within feet of the high school. On this rail line the trains will have 14 grade level crossing (Excelsior Blvd. just west of Hwy 100 and Dakota Ave. near the High School are the most prominent) making travel around St. Louis Park dangerous whether one is in a car, on foot or on a bicycle. Because there are so many crossings so close together, emergency vehicles will be hampered.

Although your neighborhood is not directly affected by these changes, those of us nearest the tracks fear not only for the safety of the community first (especially the High School Students,) but we are also saddened by the thought of reduced livability and property values for all residents of St Louis Park. We need Hennepin County to know that St. Louis Park is not split on this issue. Therefore, we need your help. Please consider joining Safety in the Park. Help us make everyone in SLP safe. If you have questions about the rail issue or about Safety in the Park, please feel free to contact either of us.

Best regards,

Jami LaPray, and Thom Miller,

Co-Chairs of Safety in the Park. Visit our Facebook page at “Safety in the Park”.