Yesterday I got out at 4:30pm for another "training" ride on the Handsome Devil. ~8 miles in ~1 hour. Included some gravel simulation -- ice covered with thin layers of slush or crunchy snow. I'm having problems with my left foot & ankle. Last week I was sure it was planar fasciitis, but last night it felt like achilles tendonitis. How do I pile on the base miles but rest that?

Spextracycle or Xtraspesh?

My xtracycle is now a functional single-speed bicycle, fun to ride, and my new preferred way to transport children. It also makes a great conversation starter with not-bike people. This new rig is built up with bits from every bicycle I've had in the last 8 years. Makes a good advert for not aggressively purging the parts bin.

Lance wants to be me

[caption id="attachment_150" align="alignright" width="233" caption="Lance went & got a fixed gear just like mine!"]Lance went & got a fixed gear just like mine![/caption] I think Lance must have gotten word that Darcie is a big fan. I see that he went out & got Trek to build him a fixed gear that looks just about exactly like mine, down to the sweet mustache bars.

I saw this pic in an [article](http://www.sahtel.ee/?p=635#more-635) on the Mash SF crew.

Hello again, Theo Wirth trails

Me & the BoSS went to Theo Wirth yesterday. Same old story, except * Hadn't been there since last July or August, * New platform pedals no clip/cage, and * I'm out of shape for off-road singlespeed heart rate intervals.

But wow, riding that bike off-road **is so fun!** I've been miserably jetlagged and stressed out about work for 3 days. And after the ride I felt just plain happy.

The platform pedals worked out ok. I need a move for curb/log obstacles. With clipless I wheelie over then hop the rear wheel up/over by pulling up with my legs. On the platforms I was terrified of pinch-flatting the rear every time.

The BoSS was "rode hard & put away wet" when I visited in Feb. The chain is damn near rusted, whole bike is dirty as hell & signs of the road salt I didn't wash off. The brake setup is almost dangerous... She'll spend time at One-On-One when I go back to London next week.