Settling In

E & Q Grab A Movie & Snack

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Well, we're a little manic-depressive around here. One minute we can't stand ourselves, it's all too good. The next, the valley of despair hits as each step takes a little longer and a little more effort than anticipated. But overall, we're doing OK.

This picture captures the transition mode we are in - boys watching a movie on my laptop (no TV or internet yet...arriving next a near by internet cafe right now...), on a box (still need some furniture, eating a snack on paper plates (finally got some dishes).

The good things so far - London pastries - oh you could die over the almond croissants. The people have been so helpful and kind, thank goodness. The jasmine I just discovered in my garden today - the scent could make you swoon. The exercise - we are walking like crazy and it feels good. Elliot's teacher Emma - I just spoke with her on the phone today and she was so incredibly kind. I will meet her Thursday evening for a parent meeting and am so looking forward. The groceries from Marks & Spencer - fabulous food! The play area we discovered only 2 blocks from our flat.

The hard things - getting kids to bed - they are definitely missing their things and I am eager to make the flat more "homey" for them. The tube strike - Dan quit work at 4 today and still didn't make it home until after 6. My three year old who thinks he wants to be carried everywhere, despite the fact I have his older brother's hand and two bags!

Will continue to post updates when possible, and add more pictures. Tomorrow we are visiting a larger playground in Priory Park close to Elliot's school. I'll have to remember the camera. For now, I have added a few to