A Day not to be had in Minneapolis

Greek Sculpture: Venus is discovered bathing

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A good, interesting and very British day today. After I dropped the boys to school I went via bus and tube to the British Museum, a major sight in London to where I have not yet been. My men all went one day to see the Egyptian mummies, but I was home packing for a trip or something similar.

The British Museum is the oldest public museum in the world, and its treasures span millions of years and hundreds of cultures. So where to begin? In the spirit of our upcoming holiday to Crete I headed to Ancient Greece, where I had my fill of artifacts dating hundreds of years B.C., even some taken from Knossos which will be a short drive from where we are staying in Crete. My favorite was the Parthenon Gallery, with lovely sculpture and relics from, indeed, the Parthenon. I particularly enjoyed this one of Venus apparently being discovered while she bathed. Those naughty Hedonistic Greeks!

I find one of the best parts of these famous museums to be the buildings themselves. Quite breathtaking. The British Museum has a central Great Court which definitely stops you in your tracks. What a delight to have these places so accessible to our London home.

I had lunch at a "Pret a Manger" cafe which is a British chain, despite meaning "ready to eat" in French. You see them every few blocks in the city. I feasted on a roast beef and rocket sandwich chased by a lovely cappuccino. The Brits DO love their rocket. Similar to arugula, it is a dark green, small, peppery leaf. You don't go to a cafe or restaurant in London without finding rocket somewhere on the menu. The boys love it, and have taken to calling rocket salad "spaceship salad" while they wolf it down.

I was greeted with classic weather changes when I arrived home. Got off the bus in the sunshine, walked in hail to get the boys 20 minutes later, and took my coat off because it was sunny and too warm 15 minutes after that.

As a very important side note to my day, I spoke with my mom who was given two brand new knees yesterday. OUCH. They're going to have her up and walking on them today, and I will be calling again later to find out how my very brave mommy endured that olympic event.

All right. Off I go to make dinner for my family. Cheeseburgers tonight. A dash of America at the end of my very British day.