Weekend Goodness And More Smooshing

The Mini-Claw

Originally uploaded by dsmithsteeves We had a lovely, lovely weekend . . . balanced perfectly between relaxing and some fantastic sight seeing. Our master guide, Elliot Steeves, always has us on to the next adventure selected carefully from his various guide books. We checked off the Tate Britain, and then Elliot & Dan had a special day together the next day and ticked off the Gherkin and others. Bless his little adventuresome yet still orderly soul, Elliot had his guide book along with pencil and notebook for note-taking packed away in his rucksack ("because that's what they call it in London, Mom") by the front door for two days prior. Whatta kid.

And it only took me eight months in England to have my first pint, and at that it was a 1/2 pint shandy for brunch. Just never have grown to love the beer, folks. However, the shandy I had was wheat beer mixed with a ginger brew and I have to say I'll be lining it right up next to my gin & tonics and mojitos for the summer.

And then this afternoon arrived, with a little trip to the Whittington Hospital ER. Sweet Q-Q smooshed his right thumb in our patio door, a heavy glass and metal construction, on the hinge side. I was outside hanging the wash, heard the scream (mothers, you know the one) and promptly did the something-dreadful-has-happened-I'm-scared-to-look-mommy-sprint. The door was completely closed on the poor thumb, because I saw him use his other hand to pull the door handle down and open the door again. How he had the presence of mind to do that I'll never know. Anyway, the end of the story is no fractures, just a very swollen little finger. He walks around holding it out rather stiffly, a mini Franken-Claw. I gotta say I'm tired of smooshed hands around here!

We'll see how he sleeps. It is the beloved sucking thumb. Oh, dear.