Big City Boys

Dan attended an all day conference today (something with the word Geek in it . . . I'm not joking . . . and this was not for work . . . I do love my nerd) so it was me and the boys. This fell after an evening out with my husband on an actual grown-up date. Our cousin Jessie's friend Megan and boyfriend Scott are here again from Cambridge for the weekend, trading free London lodging for babysitting. Nice! (And thanks again, Megs!) I took the boys to see their fourth show - this one at The Little Angel Theater on Upper Street in Islington. We saw a magical one-man production of the old fairy tale "The Elves and the Shoemaker" that included acting, singing, puppets and more. The day was really nice, and something struck me this evening. To understand completely, I must recount the day:

Two km round trip walk to market for a few groceries.


1/2 mile walk to bus stop. Take W3 bus to Finsbury Park tube station. Ride the top of the bus, of course.

Take tube to Highbury/Islington station.

Walk 1/2 mile to theatre.

After show, have treat in very crowded European cafe.

Walk 1/2 mile back to tube station.

Take same tube/bus combination back to Crouch End.

Walk 1/2 mile home.

So this is by no means an atypical day of weekend activity here for us, pretty average. The astounding part to me as I was reflecting on it was that I was so relaxed all day. My children have become total urbanites. They know the drill everywhere. No fussing about the walks, no buggy required, no extra bags, no constant mommy reminders, no mucking about on the public transportation, no outdoor voices indoors, no disrupting other tables one inch from us at the cafe, no getting out of our seats when we're not supposed to, no worries about wandering off or not holding hands to cross streets, and the list goes on. What a pleasure they were, and how grown up they are.

And speaking of growing up, the thumb-smooshing incident seems to have cured the Q Man from sucking. I know this is good for him, and I know it is good for his teeth. But let me tell you, I am mourning in private. I desperately miss the favorite little tag from his taggie blanket up by his nose in the morning while he cuddles up with me sucking away on that thumb. This is the same taggie blanket that he went to sleep WITHOUT last night because Megan didn't realize he always had it. Enough already! What's next? Letting me know he's not actually going to marry me when he grows up?