43 Church Lane, Flat A

43 Church Lane, Flat A

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(written on Sept 6) Here is a shot of the front of our flat. We are still awaiting our shipped boxes, not so patiently anymore. This weekend we will all make another pilgrimage to IKEA and other places to further buy furnishings to make this home. Our sleep has finally all normalized, thank God. Elliot had a couple hard nights - crying before sleep, missing his things and home, etc. I'm actually thankful for the tears and words, then we know what's going on and he gets it out so we can talk about it.

Today the boys and I have had a great day. We took one of the "big red buses" into Crouch End, buying a couple toys for the kids (the ones we brought in our suitcases were getting quite old), some slippers for Q and a sheet for their temporary bed. Bunk beds arriving next week. As I write Elliot & I are waiting for our first big grocery delivery from Sainsbury's.

Tonight I go to Elliot's school for a parent orientation meeting and to meet Emma, his teacher. I look forward to him starting school next week and finding a nursery program for Quinton - we are in great need of a routine. Quinton has been full of all sorts of antics, and is desperate for stimulation other than his brother and mommy!

Speaking of his antics, I have decided that I definitely need a pram for Quinton. Half the time he walks along like a little trooper, and the other half....well shall we just say it's a little unmanageable. He seems big for it by American standards, but you don't see any families here without one, and I'm quickly learning why.

I'm also learning very quickly that some things are just plain the same. I step on honey nut cheerios on the kitchen floor of my flat just like home. Moms scream at their kids in the grocery queue, and have the same heart attack I do when their kids go too fast on the merry-go-round and try to jump off before it stops moving. And believe it or not - the sock gremlin that eats the sock in the dryer...you know the one that always leaves you with one odd sock? It has nothing to do with the dryer. I don't have one, and I STILL am missing a sock in the wash.