The Writing on the Wall

The Red Crayon "Q"

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I do wish this were the figurative version of "the writing on the wall." If you look closely in the picture, you can see it there. A very well-formed red crayon "Q." I don't think I need to mention the artist's name.

This happened two minutes before we needed to head out the door this morning. "Mommy! Come and see the big red Q on the wall!" I walked, slowly, praying it was not what I thought. This was futile. I arrived to the living room, and there stood my three year old, bursting with pride over his claim to a square foot of wall space above our sofa. A mother's dilemma at what to do next, because a three year old's ego is a fragile entity, and any bruising can quickly send us to the frequently visited "Three Year Old Valley Of Despair." And this valley is very, very deep.

We'll be washing it together this evening. Anyone know how to get red crayon off a white wall???