Our Big Fat Greek Holiday: The Last Two Days

Dad & his boys swimming in the Elounda harbor

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I write from London, which certainly felt like home after returning from Crete last night. We had a really nice last day on Monday, spending the morning in Elounda at the beach there, and then the afternoon at the pool. The boys really loved the resort pool which they swam in every day, and I have to say that Dan & I did as well! It was one meter deep on the one end, just right for both of the boys to keep their heads above water but also to let them really swim. Dan & I were able to lounge in chairs next to the side of the pool under a sun umbrella and do not much more than read, drink a gin & tonic, or help one of the boys put their swim goggles back on. Glorious.

We packed up yesterday morning and took one final side trip into Heraklion as Elliot wanted to see the Archaeological Museum. There was definitely some interesting and beautiful things to see, dating more than 2-3000 years ago. But I have to say that some things just look like really old rocks and I can't get into it too much. Elliot, however, really checked it all out, read the little plaques about everything and was the last to finish. Who knows, maybe he'll be an archaeologist one day!

Then off to the airport we went to head back home. One thing that was remarkable was the number of tourists starting once June hit. I swear June 1st arrived and the number of people tripled everywhere. I was thankful to have had most of our holiday in relative quiet and peace.

The trip home was fairly uneventful, just as one would like them to be. Poor Elliot suffered from air sickness again, so we really do have to see about how we can medicate him the next time around.

Today I had the joy of unpacking sandy, dirty, laundry-filled duffel bags. I now have more wet laundry than I have pegs to hold on the lines. But as I always say, one of the best parts of vacation is coming home, and this one was no different.