You know it's summer when . . .

Summertime Legs

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. . . this is what your child's legs look like every day. And this picture really doesn't do it justice. Scrapes, dirt, bruise on top of bruise. We just shower it off each night to figure out what, if anything, needs further attention.

The London summertime is treating us well. Lovely temperatures in the 70's, not too hot, just about right. The boys are completely wiped each night, as they spend a lot of time outside at school, usually followed up with a visit to the park and more time out in our garden.

I have been experiencing a definite sense of displacement since our beach holiday. Dan & I had a rather important chat last weekend, the "when should we actually move home?" chat. We landed on July 30th. Plenty of time to get us settled before school starts up again at home, and a little bit of time here after the finish of school on July 11th. Anyway, I have this strange (but not upsetting) feeling of not really belonging anywhere. I'm definitely excited to return home, but so many ways of life and people here will be horribly difficult to leave. But I guess all we can do is take care of each other and charge ahead, laugh when we need to laugh, and cry when we need to cry. Somehow we always seem to come through the other side having gained.