So, was he worth it??

He's been waiting for this moment as long as me.

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On Saturday afternoon we were violated. Violated by Madame Tussaud's, the famous home of wax figures. We usually avoid these sorts of tourist traps like we do Chucky Cheese back home, but we had a weak moment fueled by a Saturday with no plans and a 6 year old dying to go. So there we were, in line with millions of other tourists on a summer afternoon waiting to buy tickets that cost next month's mortgage. Hence the feelings of violation.

We did our best to camp it up, taking pictures with the best of 'em and trying to pass along educational information to the boys where appropriate. This was NOT appropriate in front of the the Britney Spears figure scantily clad doing a pole dance where we quickly breezed past. Our trip was complete after a 2 minute introduction to the the Chamber of Horrors in case you might be teased inside prior to the escape door (however, this did successfully make Elliot feel like he has actually now BEEN to the Chamber of Horrors, something strictly forbidden despite his begging), a "taxi ride" through the history of London, and a witnessing to the demise of the old planetarium dome which now shows a dreadful short animated film about aliens coming to earth to experience the importance of superstar icons. Big sigh.

If you haven't caught on, I do not recommend this experience.

Sunday was oh, so much better with a Father's Day barbie at the home of our dear friends Luke & Louisa. We sat, barbecued and talked for four hours while all four of our children played happily. The weather was lovely and it was the perfect afternoon. Too much wine and a couple bus rides later we arrived home exhausted but happy. These are people to whom I cannot bear the thought of saying goodbye. So I just won't, knowing that we will definitely see them again even after moving back to MN.

The other final news is that the chicken pox might be brewing. Poor Elliot has been quite fragile for a week now, and this morning was particularly bad in getting him off to school, which required Emma hugging both of us as we were in tears. Sometimes it's just too much for me. He had a horrible spell of separation anxiety from me yesterday morning as well. Just really not himself, and chicken pox is going around the school, as it does every spring here. If we get it, it won't be fun, but might be good timing as the Brits are way more laid back about it than the States with out of school time provided the child is feeling better and the blisters have scabbed over. They would also never dream of vaccinating against it. But that's a whole other blog conversation. So with that, I'm off to pick my boys up a bit early and give what might be a very necessary afternoon of Mommy TLC.