Quinton Turns Four

Four Year Old Bliss

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It's official. Not only do I no longer have any babies, I don't even have a toddler. I'd be quite depressed if we hadn't just had such a beautiful birthday day for a very excited and sweet Quinton. We started this morning all in our bed, opening most of his presents and reading cards. Quinton, having been anticipating this day for six months (no joking), was literally quivering everywhere as he opened his cards. I thought I might just eat him for breakfast he was so delicious to watch.

This afternoon we had our two favorite families over, each with two children that attend school with the boys and who all get along tremendously well. It was the perfect day of friendship, love, childhood laughter and celebration (and let's not forget cake!).

Tonight as we loaded pictures from the day onto my laptop Quinton says to me, "Oh Mommy, these were the most wonderful birthday presents ever." I suspect that once the garden dries out from the rain today his new excavator will be getting a good work out in the digging spot.

After phone calls to Nana, Grandpa, Grammie & Papoo his day was complete. As I sat down to read him his bedtime story I was about to get a bit teary over my very grown up boys. But just then Quinton grabbed his taggie, found the favorite tag, put his thumb in his mouth and crawled into my lap. Motherhood bliss.