Just a quick post today, as I still have to order groceries while I am at the internet cafe. (Wednesday's internet connection in the flat cannot arrive quickly enough!). Emma came to our home today to meet Elliot and get to know all of us better. We were very encouraged, and Elliot really enjoyed her and the walk and visit to school. Both boys took right to the garden and another little boy, Felix, who was there with his mum who also works at the school. He had this fantastic long curly hair, so both E & Q mistook him for a girl - sigh. Ah, well. Most importantly, they enjoyed having a new mate and seeing the room.

Of all crazy things, Quinton may be attending kindergarten with Elliot! They do a mixed-age at this particular school, which starts at 3 1/2. There may be a place for Quinton to go four mornings a week. At first I didn't like them having another thing together, but now seeing the space and hearing how they group the kids, etc. I think it may be wonderful. How nice for them to have each other occasionally at school when everything else is new? And logistically for me getting them off for the day it would be wonderful. Elliot will attend five days a week, and Wednesday all day.

So, the Q Monster potentially in kindergarten. He's ready, but I'm not sure about me!