Doing A Bit Better

The tormented Elliot did have a better day today. Anxiety significantly lower at school drop off, and much less cranky in general. I did take him to the GP this afternoon to make sure there weren't any physical ailments that we're missing (and to give my frantic-worried-mommy-self a little peace of mind), and he checked out fine. Her inclination was that his seasonal hay fever and the impending move back to America were the most likely culprits to all his anxiety. Of course this is not news to me. These are at the top of my list along with 50 other likely suspects with which I won't inundate you (my mothers are on the receiving end of that activity - God bless them both!). Although his anxiety is difficult for all of us, and mostly him of course, we are seeing some very interesting and positive things. Today we went to the library and checked out a few new books. And books are Elliot's "thing." He reads like a little maniac, which is completely wonderful until you want to try and have a conversation with him while a book is in hand. I point this out because tonight he wanted to just lay and cuddle with me and Dan in our bed in place of his usual evening book orgy he gets to have in our room where we keep almost all the children's books. In fact, I caught him just lying on Dan's tummy in the quiet. Wow. New books from the library and just content to cuddle. Those of you who know him will understand how remarkable this is.

As I tucked him in I got a request for even more snuggles and then he said, "Mom, I just love you so much." This followed a "Mom, I'm going to miss Dad when he's at work tomorrow." I savor these connections like only few can understand. This boy is such a mystery to us, but it is indeed a privilege to watch him reveal himself to the his own way and in his own time, of course.