A Day in Paris and Music in the Garden

Yesterday was a big day for our family. Dan and Elliot, who somehow is now old enough to completely help plan for and enjoy this kind of day, took the Eurostar to Paris. They had an a amazing time, which you can find captured in Dan's blog and pictures. My favorite shot is the one of Elliot with the River Seine behind him, closely rivaled by the one of him in his shades in front of Notre Dame. My big boy goes to Paris, wow.

Quinton and I happily stayed behind to have a quiet day in our neighborhood and enjoy the school's summer fair - "Music in the Garden." We went to a local market where we excitedly purchased a pear, a gorgeous heirloom tomato (all future tomatoes will be judged against this one), some buffalo cheese made just on Friday (to die for) and a Greek picnic bread baked with olives and halloumi cheese. These purchases made for a lovely, lovely, lovely dinner after Music in the Garden.

The fair was a huge success this year, helped greatly by perfect weather and live Irish music performed by an Irish family from our school. Quinton found treasures from the "lucky dip", made huge bubbles, had his face painted and stirred up all sorts of fun with his mates.

And I thoroughly enjoyed a special day with Quinton as my date. It was amazingly calm and quiet with the busier-brained and noisier half of our family missing. I wouldn't like it for too many days, however. As calm a day as it was, I know we both missed the energy of Dan & Elliot. I guess they are the yin to our yang, or something like that.

London minutiae not to be forgotten:

Hanging my wash on the line in my garden (meditative at this point) The tube escalator posters for all the current shows