Highgate Cemetery

Today I decided to be a tourist while the boys were at school. Probably should have been packing boxes, but oh well. I went to Highgate Cemetery, which makes the "London Top 30" in our guide book. It was beautiful and peaceful, and not like anything else I had ever seen. There are so many graves it's hard to describe, and in no particular order as the cemetery is so old. It is home to the grave of Karl Marx, which was rather interesting to see as well. The gardens are beautiful, with a forest of full grown trees which contain even more graves hidden in their shadows. I imagined it to be the setting for all sorts of stories, anything from fairies to creepy thrillers to tragic love tales.

I found the sculpture pictured here just so lovely. What a perfect way to be remembered, I found myself wondering about this woman's life as I wandered the path.

London minutiae not to be forgotten:

Loukia's cafe by our flat, where they know me and my family and let me come in after they are closed for a take-away coffee