Porridge, Pigeons & Palaces

(written on Sept 10)

Yesterday we got out of Crouch End and headed to Central London to be tourists. The day started with the usual - the boys requesting 'porridge.' This is oatmeal, which for some odd reason, perhaps in preparation for their arrival here, they began calling porridge even before we left Minneapolis. Lucky for them there are all sorts of 'porridge oats' here, a popular breakfast. 'No milk on mine, Mom.' 'Yes, of course Elliot, no milk.' 'Syrup on mine, Mom.' 'Yes, Quinton, I know.' This is every day, and the familiarity makes me smile to myself while I try to wake up.

Dan then introduced the rest of us to the tube, which we took down to see Buckingham Palace. This, aside from the pigeons (more details later....), I'm convinced was the highlight of the day for the boys. Elliot held an imaginary microphone in his hand and announced each stop to the entire train. Amusing for most, in that quiet sort of 'elevator etiquette' way, which is to say that the tube is like riding an elevator.....you get on and mind your own business quietly.

We got off and did the Queen's walk to Buckingham Palace, going through gorgeous green space with these folding chairs we discovered you had to pay to sit in. London is like NYC - pigeons everywhere. As Dan & I sat enjoying our snack, the boys terrorized the pigeons. Chasing them to no relief for the poor birds. In my imagination the pigeons of London have a hot line they call to announce where the Steeves Boys are, to warn the local birds. Wherever we go, the birds get chased.

Buckingham Palace needs no descriptions - stunning to see it and the surroundings. We walked back along St. James Park to lunch at Pizza Express, where the boys each wolfed down an entire pizza. Their appetites have been relentless - I think it's all the walking. And as a result Elliot is trying a few new things and liking them (insert choir of angels singing here).

All in all, a good and exhausting day. Check my flickr for pics of the adventure.