Closing Down The Hotel Steeves

I have had a busy but very fun week. Tuesday evening I headed out with my good friend Samia to see the musical Wicked. It officially ties for first place with The Producers which I saw with my hubby in NYC. A couple days later our friends Craig & Bridget arrived from America to spend a couple days with us before darting off to Paris via Eurostar train this morning. They hit the pavement hard for a couple days of intense London sight seeing. I was happy to hear today from Craig that Paris was going to be a bit more relaxed for them. They brought along their oldest son Owen's small stuffed zebra to take pictures of it in various interesting places and send to him each day via email. Very cute. Quinton found much affection for this zebra, quickly naming it "Little Owen" and introducing it to our "Hedgie the Hedgehog." He also took to calling Craig "Craiget" which we all found pretty funny. I guess he hasn't quite figured out the separation between Craig & Bridget's names yet. They will return to from Paris on Thursday to join us for a last evening out of dinner & show. Then it's a final weekend of goodbyes for us and off to Minneapolis a week from Tuesday. It's coming fast, my friends.

The biggest news of today: I finally packed five boxes.

London minutiae not to be forgotten:

Flapjacks (no, these are not pancakes)

The big swing in The Queen's Wood

The swishy-swashy grass of the Hornsey Church Tower garden