It's getting complicated.

So the packing started out simple. If we absolutely have to have it when we get home, then it goes to the suitcases, everything else - in a box to be shipped. Dan called the movers today and there's a small glitch. The boxes could take 6-10 weeks. Seriously - that could be a whole other season of clothing in Minnesota! So now I have to organize three categories of stuff: immediate need to the suitcases, need soon to an area where Dan can bring it back from his business trips to London in August, and everything else in the boxes to be shipped. I may even have to open up some already packed boxes (UGH!) to dig out a larger selection of fall clothing. And just when I had my groove on. I guess one way or another we and our stuff will make it back home. London minutiae not to be forgotten:

My Waitrose lemonade

The smell of the school kitchen on apple crumble friday

Hearing my children request that I "look after" something