Going, going, gone.

Diana Memorial Fountain The boxes, "Craiget" and Bridget all left this morning. My stomach sort of hurts. The flat is a bit like a wasteland, the boys are really stressed out and tired, and I have to say that watching 15 boxes of our favorite things, even though they are just things, go off on a big truck to find a ship to cross the ocean was a bit nerve wracking.

Fortunately the events of the morning are sandwiched between a lovely night out last night with Craig & Bridget (dinner & another showing of Wicked - just as good the 2nd time!) and an upcoming birthday party at the park for Xain today. Hopefully the space and fresh air will help all three of us burn off some of our anxiety.

I am so ready to come home and begin the next chapter of life. These last days of organizing our departure, while quite necessary, are a bit agonizing. But nothing some big hugs from our loved ones and a few nights back in our own beds can't cure, I'm sure.