Flying Home

written July 29th My current altitude is 37,966 feet and the outside air temperature is -65 F. I am somewhere between Greenland and Canada traveling at 850 km/hour. I have traveled somewhere around 2300 miles from London. Next to me are my three boys, two of them watching Sponge Bob on the airline video-on-demand contraption, and the the third working on his laptop. We are finally on our way home.

I feel good, but somewhat like a wrung-out dish rag. Yesterday and the day prior were full of emotional farewells, suitcase packing and this morning we said goodbye out loud to all our favorite sights along the way in the taxi. Elliot & Quinton are troopers, as always, despite Elliot's crankiness caused by motion sickness meds (but I guess he's not barfing!). We hopefully have nine checked pieces of luggage below us in the belly of the airplane. We will arrive a little ahead of schedule, and about five hours past the boys' bedtime. Should be interesting, as always. own bed.