A Final Thought

So this is my last post as "Minneapolis Mommy In London." Stay tuned for my new name and slant, it's a work in progress but I'm getting there. Sooooo......I thought that spending a year living in London, arguably the capital of the world, would somehow leave me feeling "let down" when I moved home. Perhaps a bit, you know, wanting for more. Missing all that urbanism, history, energy, beauty, entertainment, and diversity.

I'm blissfully reporting that I thought wrong. I am seeing my home through a new, more experienced lens. A lens that recognizes amazing things when it sees it, and let me tell you Minneapolis is full of them. I feel a bit like a tourist in my own home, and have a deeper appreciation for what my city has to offer me and my family. I am rejuvenated for life here. So well, well, well. That year abroad did my spirit some good.

(However, I'm secretly harboring a huge crush on New York City. But no worries moms & dads! We're not heading there anytime soon. Maybe a small little retirement flat is in our future . . . . )