Quinton Goes To School

(written on Sept 17)

Quinton headed off to school with Elliot today, with barely a look back as I said goodbye. He missed me so much throughout the morning that he greeted me in the garden with "No - I still want to play over there!" pointing to another area of the play space. I took this to mean he had a good time, since he was not ready to leave. It was clear by the change of pants he was wearing that some sort of accident had occurred, I prayed it was a spill and not a potty issue. No such luck, Emma informed me that he had had a "wee accident" and Antionettia had helped him change. I was also informed (by Emma) that "poor Elliot" had endured Quinton grabbing him around the neck a few times in attempts to rough house. She continued to inform him that it was indeed "not a kindergarten game." Oh, dear. Well, the good news is they are letting him return tomorrow! Apparently there were quite a few new little ones today, all trying to figure out their new boundaries.

And I must mention here, most importantly, that I had THREE HOURS to myself while my children were at school, during which I found one small tiny piece of my sane mind.

Highlights from the weekend: * Arrival of the much anticipated bunk beds, which has resulted in a game of musical beds every night. However, the boys love sharing a room. In fact we found them asleep together in the bottom bunk last night. * I had a phenomenal run up to Alexandra Palace Sunday morning, and I do indeed mean "up." Aside from missing my dear friend Steph and her companionship, it was really wonderful. The effort expended climbing the hill from our flat up to the palace was worth the view when I arrived, which included the downtown London skyline in front of me and the palace behind me. * We headed out as a family to Muswell Hill (a neighboring borough) for their local festival. It is in fact way up a huge hill, with another staggering view. We enjoyed the new hood, but not so much the festival. Some things were interesting, but there were too many of the usual kiddie rides, carnival-like things, etc. which made Dan & I crazy and the kids way too over-stimulated. * On our way home, our church tower was open for exploration. The boys got to check out the "dungeon" and we got to climb the very windy, old, narrow stairs all the way to the top of the tower to check out the view. The boys were thrilled to locate the swishy-swashy grass below that we walk through every day on our way to school.