"Here's your sandpaper."

I'm in the shower this morning, and ask Dan to hand me a towel. The line-dried-because-we-have-no-tumble-dryer towel. He sends it over and says, "Here's your sandpaper." At which point we both start laughing hysterically. Ah, the absurdity of some things. Speaking of absurdity, we were on the phone with British Telecom for over an hour last night, trying to get them to "clear our new line" of some foreign broadband service of which we have no access, of course. They finally say they can do this, in one week. Yes another week before the line is cleared so that we can call the other company to have them install broadband for us, which should take at least another week. At the end of the call to BT, they "tested" our line, which resulted in some horrid siren-like noise coming out of the phone. We actually had to place the phone under a pillow as to not wake the sleeping boys, not sure if they were going to come back on the line or not. Seriously. More laughter at the absurdity of some things. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

However, the wonderful balances out the absurd. School is is so gentle and loving, and the boys are finally playing nicely and being comforted by the new routine. I can't go on enough about the lovely views, people, food, etc. We really are enjoying ourselves and soaking it up. I'm in hopes that we can go fly our kite on Parliament Hill at Hampstead Heath this weekend. If the boys have their way we will be riding on the top of a "big red bus" the whole way there.