A Perfect Day

Yesterday we ventured out to Hampstead Heath (known as "The Heath"), an extremely large park here in London, with intentions to head up Parliament Hill for a glimpse of the famous view. The weather gifted us a beautiful day, starting out cool and then the sun slowly making it's way out into the lower 70's.

Two bus rides to get there - it's already so familiar for us to hop on the red buses and go. The boys were very excited, a bit of a longer ride meant we got to ride on the upper floor of the bus. What a cool way to see our new city.

We arrived at our first destination point to change buses and a McDonalds greeted us. Ah, it had been way too long and we couldn't resist an early lunch. No mustard on my quarter pounder (Suz & Steph - I resisted the Big Mac!), and English ketchup is a little too sweet, but nonetheless a very satisfying meal for all.

Then off to the Heath, and wow what a glorious place it is. London is full of these amazing green spaces - and that is literally what they are - vast green space. An occasional play area for the kids, but mostly green, wide open and not overly manicured or organized. How refreshing. Even the clover is allowed to thrive, and it is really beautiful. The most conservative adult would be tempted to run with wild abandon. Another fab thing the British do with their green spaces - the playground areas are fenced in, with just one, perhaps two, gates to get in, which everyone is conscientious about keeping closed. It really gives you some extra peace of mind as a parent, knowing there is only one way for your child to get out.

So we trekked up Parliament Hill, the boys running giddily. At the top we took in the hazy view and surprised the boys with the kite (thanks for mailing, Steph!) we brought along. Not a ton of wind, but enough to get it up for a while, thrilling Elliot and Quinton and putting on a little bit of a show for us as well.

Then back down we headed to the play area, the coolest one I've ever seen. If you are a parent of small children you must check out my flickr page to see the pics and you'll know what I mean.

A stop into Highgate Village for some coffee and treats, some marketing, and back home we go. I actually got some time to lie in bed and read my book while Dan started dinner and the boys entertained themselves with cBeebies (pronounced "C-BEE-DEES" in Quinton speak), which is basically British PBSKids. The day ended with Elliot performing a show for us after his little brother went to bed. Really, in all, a perfect day.