On Death and Dying

So....it seems that Elliot has discovered death. For about a month now we have been fielding a variety of questions about death and dying. It's heartbreaking to witness the loss of the innocence for him, that belief that we'll all just be here like this forever. But I suppose it's a necessary passage of growth and development. And while it has been sad, I've been rather impressed at the breadth of thoughts and questions he has had: * Will I die? * Will you die? * When will I die? When will you die? * I don't want die. I don't want you to die. (tears with this one) * Will my body stop working? * Will you look like Grandma & Grandpa when you get old? * How long before I get old? * Will I be able to feel things when I die? Will I be able to see? * When I die will it be forever? * Where is heaven? * Will I be a kid in heaven?

We've reassured him that even though it is sad that our bodies stop working, the part of us inside that is alive, the part that loves and makes us special will continue to live forever with God and Jesus in heaven, and we will all be together in heaven, and there will be no more sad and bad things there. He seems to ponder this, and it helps him feel better until the next round of questions come. Sigh. Sometimes it's really, really hard to be a parent. And this is only the beginning, I know.