A Babysitter and Michaelmas

A miraculous thing happened on Thursday evening. We were invited to a Rowan Kindergarten (E & Q's class) parent soiree at the class rep's flat, and......drum roll please.....we had a babysitter. Not even here quite a month and we scored a babysitter. Not only did we find David through a school parent referral, he was fantastic. Eighteen years old, lives within walking distance, does babysitting and teaches childrens' music clubs for after school jobs, and the boys loved him. Quinton actually cried upon waking Friday morning when he learned David was not still here. Our get together at the home of Annie & Guy Stafford was really nice, with quite a few parents there to meet and get to know better. Dan & I were so impressed with the diversity of this school, what an experience our children are having. Around the room sat (in addition to us the Americans and a handful of British parents) a Polish mother, a German dad (married to a Greek mom whose child speaks three languages), a Japanese mom, and another Japanese mom and her Jewish husband. This was just the sampling of people who could make it. It's really a special environment to be in, and I'm so thankful for this experience for us all.

Friday I was invited to school for the whole morning to help prepare for Michaelmas, a Fall festival, in Elliot & Quinton's class. It was very enjoyable to watch the boys and their friends and take part in their day, witnessing all the little and big reasons we chose Waldorf education for them. We sang, danced, made apple crumble for everyone, including the parents who were arriving later to partake in the festivities. I was so impressed with Elliot, who sat, very present, chopping apples for the crumble and mixing up the topping. This including chopping, coring, pouring flour, pouring sugar, mixing in the butter, the list goes on. He even carried the full pan to the kitchen to get it ready for the oven. What a joy to watch him be such a competent, coordinated, "big boy" of the class. Later they had the big kids help the little ones wash hands for snack - I thought of our close friend and coach Cheryl who would have been falling over with joy watching them.

Then all the parents arrived and we ate our festival feast and headed to the garden to plant bulbs in the rain. A very pleasurable morning. When I left I thanked Emma for having me the entire day, and let her know I would love to help any time. She responded with - "How would you like to come and spend every Friday, it was such a wonderful thing to have you here helping us." I told here I would love to and was quite flattered. Of course I also realize that she is likely to be taking pity on me, and knows I don't have much else going on and know no one! Anyway, it will be wonderful to spend more time at school and be even more involved.

I think we might actually be getting our groove on here. How on earth did that happen?