The Charismatic Q

So here is Quinton in Hyde Park, making yet another friend. Everywhere we go, children are drawn to him. It's amazing to watch - it reminds me of my dad and sister, Julie. He finds a friend in a matter of seconds and off they are playing.

Sunday we spent another family day of sightseeing. After lunch our first stop was the Museum of Natural History, which is free and spectacular. The boys (and we) were impressed with the dinosaur exhibit, which made such interesting use of the space. You actually walked up and across this catwalk sort of structure before winding your way down, taking in hanging dinosaur skeletons. The middle of the exhibit had a "live" Tyrannosaurus Rex, which was huge and reminded me a little too much of Jurassic Park. Very well done, a little too well done, I think. Quinton was OK with it, but needed to be reassured repeatedly (in between the roaring of the beast) it was only pretend.

The museum then had a free puppet show for the children, telling two of Elliot's favorite stories - The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Jackie and the Beanstalk - a modern take on the old fairy tale. As a result Elliot has had us acting the stories out at home and I have to say Dan makes a good giant.

We wrapped up the day with a walk up to Hyde Park to see some gardens and view Kensington Palace. I think I will be returning there with my mom to see the Diana anniversary exhibit and the inside, not really up Dan's alley.

Which brings me to some wonderful news - my parents are visiting at the end of October for two weeks! Despite their nervousness about us being here and traveling for their first time abroad, they will be our first visitors. We were not expecting anyone until after the holidays, so we are quite excited. I hope my parents know how much we appreciate and anticipate their arrival. They are truly good sports, along with being phenomenal parents and grandparents.