Elliot's 6th Birthday: Day 1

Outside Tower of London

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So the boy wants a castle for his birthday, and a castle he gets. Today we went to the Tower of London to begin celebrations for Elliot's birthday, which is Tuesday. We had another wonderful and exhausting day of touring. In fact it was so exhausting I'm finding it difficult to find the energy to write much of anything.

The quick highlights - the day started with presents that had arrived earlier in the week from Nana & Grandpa in North Carolina. Then off for another bus and tube adventure to central London, where we took in a beautiful footbridge over the River Thames, followed by the Tower of London. I was struck by how odd it was to see a thousand year old castle in the middle of this modern city. I thought of my friend Suz as we gazed at the ultimate glitterati - the crown jewels. She definitely would have enjoyed.

Our trip home was too long as we tried to hunt for a restaurant in all the wrong places, but Indian and fish take-away/delivery food sufficed when we returned home. Elliot went to bed pooped out and happy, so I believe his castle experience to have been a grand success.