A Surprise Delight

So six years ago today I became a mommy. In fact thirty minutes ago ( at 9:48 a.m.) to be precise. Changed forever by that beautiful boy with the mop of brown curls, hazel eyes and sweet, sweet smile. I've dropped him off at school with his brother and am feeling rather sentimental, which I suppose is appropriate for the day. But then! I trudged into Crouch End in my wellies (rainy day today) to purchase birthday candles and cake. I popped into the Dunn's bakery. After picking out a chocolate cake for Elliot I glanced to my right and spied something decadent. A cream doughnut. Now, for those of you who know me you know my sweet tooth, and especially for doughnuts or anything with freshly whipped cream. Yesterday I ate one of their jam doughnuts, one of my most favorite treats in the world. It was seriously the best jam doughnut I've every had. This is high praise. So today...sigh....I could not resist the cream doughnut. Brought it home and sat down to savor it in our quiet flat. It was a lightly fried puff of sweet dough, dusted with powdered sugar on top ever so lightly, and then sliced in half. Sandwiched between the layers was freshly whipped heavy cream, sweet, but not too sweet. As I groaned with pleasure over the first few bites (yes, I actually groaned) there was a surprise - jam! My favorite two treats in one - the jam doughnut and the cream puff. I have died and gone to heaven. It was so good I had to actually pause in my busy day to write about it.

It's a good thing I'm walking so much! Otherwise I would be returning to Minneapolis 20 pounds heavier, all doughnut.