Turning 6: Day 2

Well it's official, Elliot is six now. We had a really nice day, despite the rain that lasted almost the entire time. Dan came home early from work for the big present opening event, which Quinton unfortunately missed because he cashed it in on the sofa, exhausted from a cold and school. In keeping with the theme of London and castles for this birthday, Elliot got a couple London books, a Mad Libs Junior (his favorite, I think), a new Jenga-like game and a knight dress-up costume. He seemed thrilled with it all, and fell asleep tonight with his Mad Libs.

Off to Mauro's we went for birthday dinner, which is our favorite little local Italian restaurant. The owner is indeed Mauro, who knows us all now and often takes our order and entertains the boys with silly jokes. He delivered ice cream with a candle at the end of our meal. One of the highlights was Quinton requesting the Mauro's birthday song for us - he marched all the way across the restaurant (with his "I have an agenda walk") and said in his cute little three year old voice, "Mauro, will you please play us the birthday song?" Only three and he's already the family's front man.

The evening ended back home with chocolate cake and a family dance party. Mauro's has us addicted to this upbeat birthday song by Stevie Wonder - I think it will definitely become a tradition for us.

So off to bed with me. I'm a dead birthday mommy.