Another Beginning

Quinton's First Day
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Quinton had his first day of school today, and there is actually not much to report. And that's not because it wasn't a big deal. Quinton woke up happy and excited, got dressed, ate a full and healthy breakfast and hopped in the car. We dropped a much less nervous Elliot off at his room and then Dan, Quinton & I proceeded to Miss Melissa's class for the big drop-off. Quinton whipped off his outdoor shoes, climbed into his slippers, told the assistant Miss Annette that he was "wearing his rock-n-roll pants," gave us a hug and never looked back. I arrived at noon to find him content, excited to share details of his day ("Only one of my friends was sad today, Mommy. And just for a little bit.") , and full of joy. On the way home he announced, "This was a very big day for me, Mommy."

Of course it was, Quinton.