A Change Would Do You Good

Change is in the air my friends, change is in the air - beginning with the weather, which is giving me a delirious dose of autumn sensory experiences, from the cool morning and evening air to the smell of apple crumble baking in my oven last week. Change is happening in the Steeves household as well. In addition to cleaning out our storage spaces to rid them of superfluous stuff (that year in London made very clear what we actually do need and more importantly what we DON'T), our living room television made a grand exit to the basement, where it exists to only have the weekly family movie night. And....we canceled TiVo and cable (GASP!!!). We just plain don't use it or want to use it anymore. Anything Dan & I desire to see, or anything we desire the boys to see we easily find from Netflix or iTunes. How liberating! And my living room is transformed.

I have a new exercise routine which fits in and around the new school schedule. It often includes a 5:30 a.m. wake up, the pain of which is greatly eased by my dear friend Steph's smiling face (she's one of THOSE morning people) at my door to join me. A fantastic way to start my day and cope with what I call the "Get To School Aerobics." I cannot believe the energy and coping strategies required this year to get two young children off to school every morning - in the car by 8 a.m., dressed, fed, potty-ed and lunch in hand. They are exhausted, as I am by the new routine, but holding it together pretty well. I am having a really hard time letting go of knowing what is happening with Elliot all day. Did he eat his lunch and snack? Did he wipe after he pooped and close the stall door while he did it? Did anything make him sad? The worried wondering of a new 1st grade mommy.

Even Dan is transitioning projects at work. This has been a great thing for all of us, and has allowed him to be very present for me and the children for the last week. We've all become quite spoiled with his availability, and will definitely miss it when he is back full swing into work and we are all settled into our new rhythm.

But for now, we ride the roller coaster of change. Always a bit nerve wracking, but never boring. Even, perhaps, a teeny-tiny bit fun.