We celebrate the harvest and tame our dragons.

Last Friday was Michaelmas once again, and to overuse the phrase - it feels just like yesterday that I was blogging about Michaelmas in London. It is the festival which celebrates the autumn harvest, and has its roots in the tale of St. Michael subduing the dragon which has fiercely taken control over a village. Note that St. Michael does not slash and destroy the dragon, rather he tames and subdues it. An exercise of will that reminds us all to tame our own dragons.

We had the pleasure of a full family day at school, the greatest joy being having Wayne & Arlene here to share it with us. We are finally having time with them after a long separation that lasted from February until now.

Quinton's class donned beautiful hand-made golden capes and crowns and paraded out to the play yard where they offered their harvest items to "Mother Earth" and received a flower bulb from her to plant. They shared a song and overall succeeded in oozing excessive amounts of sweetness and cuteness.

The grades students paraded to Fair Oaks Park near school, led by bagpipes. Each class performed outdoors for a rather large audience of family and friends. We were then treated to a dramatic and very entertaining re-enactment of the story of Michaelmas. My very big 1st grader sang a song while joining hands with his friends. This represented a very large dragon tamed, as our last attempt at this type of activity resulted in me joining Elliot and him fighting tears the whole time. A proud moment for us all, but especially for Elliot.